Natural Resources

From timber and agriculture, to water, fish and wildlife, Oregon has some of the best natural resources in the world. How we manage those resources matters. Those of us who live in the House District 17 community area want to guarantee our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as we have. As your State Representative, I will balance access, harvesting, recreation, and preservation.

Economy & Jobs

Our communities rely on strong local economies and thriving businesses. It is vital to attract and retain businesses who provide employment opportunities. It is also imperative to network our local communities with available resources which build small businesses, advancing the workforce, and helping them succeed. 

Limited Government

The role of civil government is to protect personal and collective freedoms and promote personal responsibilities. Policies we pass should reflect that function. Some of the freedoms civil government is to protect involve our Second Amendment and parental rights. As your State Representative, I will push for our governance to operate within its role.